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Awkward Land

This work is a commentary on the ‘population’ of Auckland – not as a statistical figure for ‘restructuring’ but as a community of individuals with their own hopes and needs. I recognise the diversity that exists within Auckland and how that is an asset. The ‘super city’ has used the idea of cultural diversity as a real positive; a defining aspect of our identity. But ironically, as the supercity has emerged, the forces of amalgamation have reduced and restructured that very diversity. Auckland is losing its multicoloured voice as it transforms into a homogenous metropolis.

In my work I have reversed the force of amalgamation by referencing only a portion of the population. Instead of focusing on the larger identity (the super), I have focused on the smaller (the human). To evoke the value of colourful and vibrant individuals might become homogenised into faded outlines.

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